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Enough is Enough


As some of you may know, I recently returned to the United States after spending close to a year away in Uganda. The way of life there is so different. For me, it was most likely due to the currency difference. I’ll never forget my first experience of going to their local outdoor market and coming away with so many fruits and vegetables. I was literally in disbelief over the price of things. Prices were about a third of what you would pay in the States, and to be honest, the produce even tasted better (Sorry, America). You can imagine this really ruined my sense of value of things after returning home.


Well, just days after getting back, I ran by the Ingles grocery store near my parents house to pick up a few things. I walked out with a 24 count of eggs, a pint of ice-cream, 4 tomatoes, and 3 bell peppers for a total of eighteen dollars and some change. I can’t bring you to the point of understanding my frustration that afternoon. You would’ve thought I had been robbed. To me, there had been a misevaluation.


In fact, it stung me so badly that it got me to thinking more in depth around this concept of value. And personally, one of the greatest areas of struggle in my life has been knowing my self worth and understanding my own value. For the longest time, I just needed to know that I was good enough. Not over the top, not widely exceeding expectations, just good enough; Good enough to be appreciated and good enough to be chosen and of use to someone.


It was when I heard the new song from Elevation Worship, called “Echo” that I really began to reflect on this. The pre-chorus line of the song says something that really reached me. It says, “When my mind says I’m not good enough, God you’re enough for me.” My heart immediately latched on to this. Because I recognized, I don’t need to feel good enough when my life’s focus is Jesus. And He’s definitely more than enough!


So pause… Take a moment to revel in the beauty and freedom of that.

You are made in the image of the one who is more than enough… Wow!


But follow me here, because I want to take this a step further.

I had to slap myself one morning, because for some reason or another, I was feeling like Drake that day. Yeah, I said it. I was in my feelings–feelings that I felt would “never ever leave from beside me.” 😂 There I was wasting my time entertaining lies and insecurities, when I realized: I owe God an apology. Sitting there on my bed, I prayed out loud, “God you made me. You created me. And you set aside a whole 24 hours (the Sabbath) to rest and admire in the goodness of your creation, i.e., me. So who am I to say it is otherwise? Lord please forgive me for ever thinking less of you, by thinking less of me.”


When we tell ourselves these lies about who we are, it’s a lot like writing ugly notes to yourself and carrying them around in your pockets. Can you imagine how God must feel when he does our laundry? Or what must go through His mind when He reads the horrible notes we’ve written to ourselves?


I really think it’s amazing how we’ll attribute people’s glory to themselves, when ALL GLORY is attributed to and from GOD. What’s even worse is that, that’s the same glory we allow to make us feel unworthy or not good enough. Come on, you know what I’m talking about. It’s when we’re scrolling through our Instagram feed and we see our friends traveling the world, yet we can’t get a week’s vacation, or when it seems everyone’s getting married and having babies and you feel like getting the next date is still unachievable. Or maybe it’s when you think she’s prettier than you, or when you wonder why he got the job and you didn’t. No man is responsible for the specs or rays of glory that passes through him – God is. And God loves each of us the same, no matter what you have or what you don’t.


It was the same blood that paid for your sin that paid for mine. We were all bought at an equal price and given freedom from the deceit and bondage of this world. Unfortunately, we sometimes feel that there may have been a miscalculation. So let me assure you, the blood of Christ is not a bargain price. Does anyone remember, Judas? Yeah, he thought Jesus was worth 30 pieces of silver, yet I repeat, the blood of Christ is not a bargain price. It’s so far above it, it’s top-shelf! In fact, if you really think about it, what price outside of the blood of a Holy Savior could ever be enough to pay for the sins of all mankind? That’s the blood that stained the cross for you and me, and that’s the value you hold each and every day. We devalue Christ, when we devalue ourselves. And that has to stop. Enough is enough.


So what’s the take away here?


“God paid a high price for you, so don’t be enslaved by the world.” – 1 Corinthians 7:23



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