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Hiding Place

Designate in advance where you will hide when you're under attack.

I must say, the music industry is a very rough place for a Christian to remain a Christian. However, Tori Kelly is one artist that I’ve seen brave the industry and stay committed to her faith. She puts out music that doesn’t compromise her values and she even recently released a devotional through YouVersion to share her story and journey with Christ. As some may know, she’ll be releasing a new project this week called, “Hiding Place”. Music often inspires my thoughts, and with this album title it was no different. The title “Hiding Place” reminded me of a time when I was really struggling to find a job. I had a mortgage to pay. I had student loans that were gaining interest, and all I had was $60 in my bank account. I was definitely in the midst of the storm. To God’s credit, today I’m 100% debt free! But I know exactly what it feels like to be under the pressure and to feel exposed to the elements. At the time I decided to journal about it, and now I’d like to share that particular entry with all of you. It’s a prayer that I wrote to the Lord out of sheer faith. And I hope that its words will offer you some tracks to stand in and a path to follow, leading you back towards the one true hiding place.

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